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Get Wild

As with humans, good nutrition is the basis of everything. The same goes for cats. At Panzi-Pet Benelux we understand the value of high quality food and we want to help you feed your furry friend with the best ingredients. Our “Get Wild” range is therefore the ideal maintenance food for adult cats of medium to large breeds. Thanks to its 15 kg packaging, these kibbles are ideal if you have several cats!

Fit Active

Our ‘Fit-active’ range is the most varied in our assortment. These kibbles are available in different flavors and bag sizes. So, within our ‘Fit Active’ line, you will always find the right kibble for your cat.

Using the practical selection guide or using detailed product information and the knowledge of our experts, we help you make the best choice for your four-legged friend.

Fit Active 3 in 1 - 1,5kg
Katten voeding


Cat food suitable for both indoor and outdoor cats, made according to a special recipe. Perfect for cats without specific needs! We recommend this range as a maintenance food. This complete food contains all the necessary ingredients to provide your pet with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The pleasant taste guarantees that your cat will enjoy these kibbles!

Tailored advice

Are you looking for cat food that perfectly meets the needs of your furry friend? We understand that choosing between the wide range of cat food can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, at Panzi-Pet we are always ready to help you with personal, tailor-made advice. Your cat deserves only the very best, and we are happy to help you make the right choice.

Our expert nutrition specialists are just a message away. You can easily get in touch with our experts via the contact form on our website, email, telephone or our social media channels. Whether you have questions about your cat’s nutritional needs, specific dietary requirements, or just need some general advice, we’re here to help.


At Panzi-Pet we understand that cats are real gourmets. Fortunately, we have a wide range of wet food in our webshop. The delicious texture and taste of our wet food will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. This is divided into different compositions, specific to the needs of your cat.

In addition to seasoning for kibble, wet food offers numerous advantages. It offers improved hydration, a delicious taste and texture, and is easily digestible. It adds variety to the diet, helps prevent boredom and reduces the risk of food allergies.

Blikje natvoer voor katten
Natvoer/ blikvoer voor katten
Natvoer blikvoer voor katten


Do you suffer from a picky eater? Do you want to add some variety to your cat’s feeding schedule? Or are you going on holiday and looking for a compact solution? Then the Fit Active Cat Box is the ideal solution!

We understand that cats eat not only to survive, but also to enjoy themselves. That’s why we strive to offer tasty and nutritious options. Thanks to the 12 bags with 2 different flavors, you can easily vary every meal.

Fit Active Cat Box

Heeft u last van een kieskeurige eter? Wilt u wat afwisseling brengen in uw kats voedingsschema? Dan is de Fit Active Cat Box de ideale oplossing!  

Dankzij de 12 zakjes met 4 verschillende smaken kan u eenvoudig elke maaltijd afwisselen.
Fit Active Cat - Mink Oil Shampoo - 200ml
Voor zijdezachte glans

Voorziet een zijdezachte glans en bevorderd de vacht kleur. Uw kats vacht zal zacht worden en gemakkelijk te kammen. Speciaal voor katten die meedoen aan show.

Verwijderd verschillende soorten vuil van de vacht. Dankzij de speciale formule droogt de vacht niet uit, zelf niet bij frequent gebruik. De shampoo maakt de vacht extra helder en geeft een mooie glans.


Are you looking for a shampoo for your cat? Search no further! Whether you have a long-haired cat that needs some extra care or an adventurer that gets dirty quickly, we have the right shampoo for your faithful companion. Within our range we offer high-quality cat shampoos perfectly tailored to various coat types and needs. But that is not everything. Our carefully curated selection also includes anti-flea combs, brushes,… everything to ensure that your cat stays healthy and happy. Click here to discover our complete range and give your pet the care he deserves. Spoil your furry friend today!

Snack voor katten


Spoil your cat with delicious cat treats from Panzi-Pet, the pet store for quality and taste. Our diverse collection offers variety in flavors, shapes and textures, perfect for training rewards, special treats or simply a loving gesture. Our treats are easily dosed and customizable to your cat’s needs, making every treat a tailor-made celebration. Discover our range now and give your cat the treats they deserve!

Dried snacks

Whether your cat has allergies or specific needs, our single-ingredient dried treats are a valuable solution. They avoid allergens and provide essential proteins and nutrients.

Unlike regular sweets, these snacks undergo dehydration to retain flavor and nutrients. This process also keeps them nice and fresh. Explore our range now and give your loyal companion the delicious treats he deserves!

Gedroogde snack voor katten


Keeping your cat active is essential to their well-being and happiness. By combining interactive toys, cat trees, feeding puzzles and your personal involvement, you can promote a healthy and happy lifestyle for your cat.

At Panzi-Pet Benelux we understand the importance of your cat’s well-being. We therefore offer a wide range of toys to stimulate your cat’s instincts. Nothing beats the bond that comes from actively playing with your pet.

Speelgoed voor katten
Speelgoed voor katten
Interactief speelgoed voor katten
Speelgoed voor kat
Functionele afbeelding van kat, knop

Litter box/sand

Where comfort and cleanliness come together, view all our litter boxes and paddings here.

Functionele afbeelding van kat, knop

Scratching posts

Scratching in style: our scratching posts combine functionality and elegance for the demanding cat

Functionele afbeelding van kat, knop

Baskets and cushions

View our entire range of baskets and cushions here. We have different sizes and colours.


Our knowledgeable experts are always ready to help you! However, don’t forget to also check out our informative blogs. Here they regularly share valuable tips and useful information that can support you and your four-legged friend in achieving a healthy and happy life together.

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Our experts try to help you get started by answering the most frequently asked questions.

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Decoratieve afbeelding

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Thank you for your trust in our cat food brand! We feel extremely honored that you have chosen us to provide your four-legged friend with the very best nutrition. We know how important your pet is to you, which is why we strive to promote its health and happiness.

With us you will only find high-quality and nutritious cat food, lovingly composed by our expert nutrition specialists and supported by scientific research and veterinarians. We understand that every cat has unique needs, which is why we’ve carefully curated a wide range so you can find the perfect food for your furry friend.

Once again, thank you for your choice. We are always ready to help and support you in caring for your beloved companion. Your cat deserves nothing less than the best, and we are proud to contribute to that. Together we ensure a healthy and happy life for your loyal friend!

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