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Personal service and advice

At Panzi-Pet, we strive for your pet’s happiness and health. Our expert team is on hand to offer personalised advice both before and after purchase. We believe that proper follow-up nutrition is as important as the purchase itself. Explore our range and experience the care and expertise you and your pet deserve. Don’t take it from us, just follow the wagging tails of our satisfied customers.

Ordered online – delivered at home

No more lugging heavy bags and the stress of forgotten food! At Panzi-Pet, we offer a unique service that ensures the kibble reaches your faithful companion directly.

Thanks to our seamless partnership with PostNL, our orders are collected daily from our shop, so they are at your door in no time. Whether you’re short of time or simply don’t feel like the hassle, we make it easy for you.

Make it even easier on yourself with our delivery round! Our experts are ready to personally supply your four-legged friend on the last Saturday of the month. Never without, always super convenient. Service that comes to your door, because your pet deserves the best. Check the terms and conditions here.

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Our specialities

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Get wild

Looking for the ideal maintenance food for adult pets? Discover our ‘Get-Wild’ formula, carefully formulated to meet all daily needs.

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Fit active

With our extensive ‘Fit Active’ range, we can find the perfect kibble to suit your pet’s specific needs and activity levels.

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Julius K9

Looking for a high-quality formula that meets specific needs and energy requirements? Discover the premium formula of our ‘Julius K-9’ for optimal quality.

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Discover the ultimate care for your pet! From coat care to special shampoos and brushes – we have everything you need for optimal care


Looking for the ideal adventure for your pet? Discover our collection of leashes, harnesses and handy lights for unforgettable walks together. Set off together with comfort and style!

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Playtime fun for your pet starts here! Explore our range of fetch toys, challenging thinking puzzles and soft toys. Stimulate their curiosity and bring joy to every play session.

Do you have other questions, comments or need more information? Feel free to contact us and we are ready to help you!

Discover answers to frequently asked questions and find useful information in our FAQ section

Learn more about who we are, our mission and commitment. Discover the story behind our company and the people who make it possible.

Everything for your pet

From interactive puzzles to durable chew toys, find the perfect entertainment for your faithful companion, whether for a quick pick-me-up or to keep them company when you’re away for a while.

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Julius K-9

Who does not know the ‘Julius K9’ harnesses? These high-quality dog harnesses are wildly popular, and for good reason. Besides the popular harnesses, we also offer a range of other Julius products, including food and toys. The cooperation between Panzi-Pet and Julius K9 allows us to offer the highest quality products for your pet.


Toys are essential for our beloved pets, but with so many choices, it is sometimes hard to decide where to start and where to end. What does each animal like? How do we choose the perfect assortment? To meet this challenge, we decided to partner with Flamingo.

This partnership allows us to offer an exceptionally wide range of products from an authorised distributor. In this way, we can maintain our focus on your pet’s well-being, while offering you a varied choice of toys.

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From puppy to senior

Appropriate nutrition is very important at every stage of life! Therefore, we offer a wide range to provide your dog from puppy to senior with all the necessary ingredients.

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Also for large users!

As a breeder, you are always looking for quality affordable food. Look no further! At Panzi-Pet we guarantee great deals, fast delivery, no minimum order,…

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Quito van de Egmato

As our mascot and loyal representative, Quito is everywhere. So he will also be all too happy to welcome you with a hug when you enter the shop.

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