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A complete food for adult dogs with normal activity. The hypoallergenic formula (without chicken) has been specially developed for dogs with sensitive stomachs and intestines or known allergies. The combination between different protein sources (beef, lamb & rabbit) gives this kibble a special taste pattern, which your dog will also enjoy.

The complete Next range is a “low in grain” recipe, meaning that only rice is used but no other grains such as corn, wheat,…

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Complete super premium dry dog food for adult dogs with a hypoallergenic, low-in grain formula. It is a product without any form of no corn, wheat or oats. All ingredients have a hypoallergenic base so this food is safe for dogs with one or more allergies. The beef serves as a protein source and supplier of essential amino acids. Fish contains many long-chain unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 which are of great health value. Cranberries contain several important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese and phosphorus. It also contains many vitamins (A, B, C and E). The kibble contains increased concentrations of glucosamine as joint protection for young dogs as well as older and active dogs.

Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives (dehydrated beef min 18%, dehydrated lamb min 4%, dehydrated rabbit min 4%, beef tallow 11%) , red sorghum, rice, dietary fibre, spinach, apple, rosemary, F.O.S. , glucosamine

Analysis: Crude protein 26%, crude oils and fats 15%, crude ash 9.50%, crude fibre 2.90% , moisture 10%

Vitamins and minerals: Calcium 1.48% , Phosphorus 0.98%, Sodium 0.66%, Magnesium 0.001%, Lysine 1.39%, Methionine 0.52%, Threonine 0.93%, Triptophan 0.25%, Arginine 1.48%, Isoleucine 0. 93%, Leucine 1.00%, Valine 1.48%, Zinc 93.50mg/kg, Copper 16.50mg/kg, Iron 330.00mg/kg, Manganese 33.00mg/kg, Iodine 1.10mg/kg, Selenium 0.10mg/kg, Cobalt 1. 10mg/kg, vitamin A 13750 IU/kg, vitamin D3 1325 IU/Kg, vitamin E 77.00mg/kg, vitamin K3 2.20mg/kg, vitamin B1 4.40mg/kg, vitamin B2 6.60mg/kg, vitamin B3 27.50mg/kg, vitamin B5 11.00mg/kg, vitamin B6 5.50mg/kg, vitamin B9 1.06mg/kg, vitamin B12 0.03mg/kg, Biotin 0.28mg/kg, Choline chloride 1971.00mg/kg

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 90 × 40 × 15 cm
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15kg, 3kg












Beef, Lamb, Rabbit

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