A complete food for puppies and young dogs up to 1 year of age. The hypoallergenic formula (without chicken) is specially developed for puppies with sensitive stomachs and intestines or known allergies. The combination of lamb and fish makes this kibble particularly palatable so your puppy will also enjoy it.
The extra large puppy/junior kibble is the same size as the adult kibble and therefore the ideal size for switching.

Trial bag

Are you interested but first want to test whether your dog likes the flavour? Then our sample bags are for you!

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Our Fit Active range offers a range of puppy food, each with a unique composition and their benefits in it. This allows us, as a brand, to offer your four-legged friend a food suited to his needs.

The entire Fit Active range is a complete and highly balanced dry food. This is for dogs with normal activity and/or food allergies. These kibbles contain all the ingredients- minerals and vitamins your four-legged friend needs. This will help him lead a healthy, fit and active life.

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Puppy & junior is a complete and balanced dry puppy food, who may or may not suffer from food allergies. LAMB MEAT is one of the richest sources of easily digestible protein. Vitamin B12 supports several metabolic processes in the body, for example it helps in the production of red blood cells. Lamb is also a good source of easily absorbable zinc, which is a basic requirement for several fundamental processes in the body. It is also rich in iron and selenium which is important against cardiovascular diseases. FISH provides the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. Proper levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are important to maintain coat health.

In short, these are the ideal puppy kibble to help your puppy grow up healthy!

Composition of the kibble

As a company, we understand how important proper nutrition is. We therefore try to provide as much information as possible about our kibble. The ingredients and composition is an important aspect of this. Are you unsure whether the composition is right for your dog? Then contact one of our experts. They will be happy to help your four-legged friend find the right kibble.

– Ingredients:

Meat and animal derivatives (lamb min.26%, fish min. 5%) maize, wheat, animal fat, bran, rice, carrots, yeast, apple omega-3, omega-6, chondriotine, glucosamine

– Analysis:

Proteins 26%, oils and fats 14%, crude ash 12%, crude fibre 3.5%, moisture 11.40%

– Vitamins and minerals:

Calcium 1.98%, phosphorus 1.08%, lysine 1.15%, methionine 0.41%, threonine 0.41%, tryptophan 0.33%, arginine 1.57%, isoleucine 0.79%, leucine 2%, valine 1%, calcium 1. 98%, phosphorus 1.08%, sodium 0.75%, zinc 93,500mg/kg, copper 16,500m/kg, iron 330,000mg/kg, magnesium 33,000mg/kg, iodine 1,100mg/kg, selenium 0,100mg/kg, cobalt 1. 100mg/kg, vitamin A 13,750IU/kg, vitamin D3 1325,500mg/kg, vitamin E 77,000mg/kg, vitamin K-3 2,200mg/kg, vitamin B-1 4,400mg/kg, vitamin B-2 6,600mg/kg, vitamin B-5 11,000mg/kg, vitamin B-6 5,500mg/kg, vitamin B-12 0,030mg/kg, biotin 0,280mg/kg, niacin (B3) 27,500mg/kg, folic acid 1,060mg/kg, choline chloride 2556,352mg/kg

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