White Dogs

A complete dry food for adult dogs of small breeds with a white coat. For example, a Maltese, Lhasa Apso, White terrier,…

Due to its hypoallergenic formula, this kibble is particularly suitable for sensitive dogs. In addition, this formula contains no chicken, to avoid hypersensitivities/allergies. The choice of vitamins and minerals helps maintain a beautiful white coat! The lamb/fish/rice composition provides a pleasant taste that your dog will love!

If your dog prefers a chicken flavour, try the Fit Active Everyday Small

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The Fit Active White Dogs is a complete and balanced premium quality dry food for adult small breed dogs such as, for example, Maltese, Lhasa Apso, White terrier,…. With selectively chosen ingredients, it contains all the nutrients that can help keep your dog’s coat in top condition, in addition to bringing out the white colour.

Thanks to its special formula, it is easily digestible. The main ingredients are lamb and fish, rich in protein and reducing the risk of allergies (e.g. to chicken). In addition, some important components have been added. Vitamin B12 helps in the production of red blood cells and thus the metabolic process in the body. Fish provides the necessary amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that support the immune system. Chondriotine and glucosamine helps support healthy joints.

If your dog prefers a chicken flavour, try the Fit Active Everyday Small

Composition of the kibble

As a company, we understand how important proper nutrition is. We therefore try to provide as much information as possible about our kibble. The ingredients and composition is an important aspect of this. Are you unsure whether the composition is right for your dog? Then contact one of our experts. They will be happy to help your four-legged friend find the right kibble.


Meat and animal derivatives (Lamb meat meal min 26%, fish meal min 5%), maize, animal fat, bran, rice, sorghum, carrots, apple, omega-3, omega-6, chondroitin glucosamine, Yucca extract , FOS

– Analysis:

Crude protein: 25.00%, Fats and oils: 14.00%, Crude ash 12.00%, Crude fibre 3.50%, Moisture content: 11.4%

– Vitamins and minerals:

Calcium 1.98%, phosphorus 1.08%, lysine 1.15%, methionine 0.41%, threonine 0.88%, tryptophan 0.33%, arginine 1.57%, isoleucine 0.79%, leucine 2% , valine 1%, sodium 0.75%, zinc 93 500 mg/kg, copper 16 500 mg/kg, iron 330 000 mg/kg, magnesium 33 000 mg/kg, iodine 1,100 mg/kg, Selenium 1,100 mg/kg, Cobalt 1,100 mg/kg, vitamin A 13. 750 IU/kg, D-3 vitamin 1325,500 mg/kg, vitamin E 77,000 mg/kg, vitamin A 2,200 mg/kg, vitamin B1 4,400 mg/kg, B-2 vitamin 6,600 mg/kg, vitamin B-5 11,000 mg/kg, B-6 vitamin 5,500 mg/kg, vitamin B12 0030 mg/kg, biotin 0,280 mg/kg, niacin (B3 ) 27,500 mg/kg, folic acid 1,060 mg/kg choline chloride 2556,352 mg/kg

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